Jordan | Overton Park, Memphis TN | Memphis Portrait Photographer

I can’t handle how cute Jordan is in these portraits. We pretty much stayed with headshots. I don’t know why…other than it’s what I was feeling at that particular time.


So, it had been years since I photographed Jordan and she had certainly “evolved” since then. Between late night chats into the middle of the night, chain smoked cigarettes and some wine…we decided it would be cool to do some photos of her at some point. Shortly after that all took place, my husband left for a European tour and my kiddo was at her grandparents for a few and I was bored outta my mind. Yup. The perfect time to make Jordan look like a fool for some pretty rad photos. I needed the laughs…and she always delivers.

So we’re in the middle of Overton Park here in Memphis, Tn and it was the first night Levitt Shell was open since reconstruction. That meaning…a live band and a ton…a ton of people walking thru with their laid-back summer wardrobes and beer coolers. Foot traffic was booming, y’all! That would be our luck tho. I had Jordan backed up into a cedar tree, branches fanning her face and one guy shouted out, “I LOVE NATURE!!!” She giggled and yells back kinda confused, “Yeah…me too!”. We had gotten a lot of looks and some laughs from folks.

We didn’t even care.

So we continued to frolic thru the garden of Overton Park, wallowed in beautiful, pink hydrangeas and bathed in….humor. Oh and I can’t forget (I almost did), we headed back to my place for a couple studio shots. How fitting that Jordan would have lipstick that matched her hair. Of course she didn’t buy it that same day for the sole purpose of it being the same color as her head. Nope. hahaha!


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