Delta Bridal with Christal | Shack Up Inn | Memphis Wedding Photographer

You wanna know what I did?

My comeback game is strong y’all. I gave Christal a bridal shoot because I felt so devastated that she had such a horrible experience with her wedding photographer. I did this not only because she was my friend, but because she was a bride in total meltdown mode and I had to actually endure the shit show, first hand. So a few days after her and her honey’s honeymoon, they made a trip to Mississippi for a post wedding throwdown with the Ms Delta family. We seized the moment and decided to get those bridal portraits in.

Eli, the new groom, mentioned how if their photographer wasn’t so terrible then she wouldn’t be getting these “awesome bridal pictures and the experience”. Y’all already know that made me feel like a million bucks. But what was even sweeter was he told his new bride in the middle of the session that he’d rather sit back and watch her have her portraits done because she deserves it. All he wanted to do was adore her and that was adoring in itself. Get…outta…here! But we did get him in on some fun shots towards the end of the shoot.

We first stopped on the newly re-located, Levon’s for some indoor portraits. After that we headed to Shack Up Inn (per bride’s request) for the remainder of golden hour.








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