Taildragger | Chicago’s Blues Legend | Memphis Photographer

Spent about an hour and a half photographing Chicago’s Blues legend, Taildragger. I met him around a year ago when my Soul Sistah, Tamara booked him a gig at Red’s, in Clarksdale, Ms. He’s a pretty cool guy and sings the raw Blues. He has the old sound. His guitarist, Kevin, really helps bring that feel to the stage. Ain’t nothing like the sound that comes from a hollow bodied guitar. (:

Anyway. I met up with Taildragger out at the Shack Up Inn. We took some shots inside of his room (which was a grain bin) and then headed over to an old church, not far from the shacks, for some outside portraits. All in all, I think it was a success. Tamara sent him his pictures and he was extremely happy upon looking at them. To quote him, “Damn! That little girl is good.” hahaha!! Tamara actually informed be that out of his 40 year career, these are the “best snaps” of him yet. Y’all…I was flattered. Shoot…Taildragger wasn’t the only one over the moon about the session.






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