Moore BiMoxie

Hey y’all. I’m Chasiti and when I’m not lovin’ on my husband and chasing my toddler around, you can find me on a photo excursion or working on a new project. My family is my focal point, they’re the most important. To say they are my entire world would be an understatement. But along the way, I like to set my focus on you, too. You’re lifestyle is worth documenting and well..that’s what I’m here for. Let me tell your story.

I grew up stomping thru the mud of Clarksdale, Mississippi. Life has sent me on some pretty cool paths, from the Mid-West to Germany. Memphis, Tennessee is where you’ll find me nowadays. I am a self-taught photographer. Yeah, I know…we are everywhere. Y’all hear me out, alright. I’ve been actively shooting since 2008. It’s been a part of me like a limb on a tree since I was a youngin. The journey, so far, has been one awesome hike. Along the climb, I’ve had one-on-one mentoring with some of the Delta’s best photographers and enthusiasts, business owners and pure artists. It was all those conversations, seized opportunities & lessons learned that I have taken the most from. Great things come from collaboration and community. Among other things, these are some of my roots. My gratefulness abounds.

I’ve learned that keeping my roots planted and not getting caught up in what everyone else is doing, is the best way to create something authentic and true to me, who I am. Photography is my tomb of self-happiness. I’m just trying to capture current emotions and visually bring them to life.  Ya’ll…I just have to create images whether it’s for someone in need of portraits or for myself; in need of expression. I merely want to create, somehow, so I don’t cave in. Here I am; just a wolf passionate about the bone she’s chewing on.