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A different perspective on “family portraits”.

What is Lifestyle Photography, you may be wondering?
In my definition and perspective, it’s the photo documentation of people doing everyday things; be it cooking dinner, going out for ice creme, goofing off at your favorite hang out, baby’s first days at home, painting, throwing clay…whatever it is that YOU do in your everyday.

Now….about them Family Lifestyle sessions.
It’s all about you, your loved ones and where y’all are most comfortable at…home (or the lake, the ice creme joint, the park, etc). What is it that you and your family like to do as a unit? Do you have a traditional Sunday night dinner where the whole family pitches in to cook? Maybe you like to go fishing? Family “game day” is always a fun one, too. If it means hanging out in your pajamas all day on a Sunday, vegging out on junk food and having a laid back time with your loved one/s….then so be it. As a photographer, I throw my vision of your lifestyle into a story telling collection of pictures. In essence, I capture you in the real and the raw. Nothing is really staged other than giving you something to do, to “break the ice”. Think of it as the “fly on the wall” perspective. It’s literally photojournalism (a mixture of environmental and candid photography). There are great images to be made just from the “ordinary”. 

Here’s a little bit of my Family Lifestyle: my daughter and husband enjoying a book of funny dog pictures, on the patio at my mother in-law’s house. This is a book my daughter always looks at when she goes to her MiMi’s and the patio is a place she likes to spend a lot of her time. Nothing but pure “in the moment”.

Now…how about letting me in on a little bit of your lifestyle, so I can capture you and your loved one/s in an honest way. It will be something you later cherish. If you are looking to have your family documented in an honest way and environment, I suggest you book a Lifestyle Session with. If you have kids, you know that convincing your child/children to sit sill for a portrait takes up 80% of the time (and that just no good). The last thing you want if for everyone to be stressed out. It definitely will show in your photos (and that’s not what you are really paying for). Take it easy, enjoy your family and let me do the rest.